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If you are a lover of printed words, you would know how much of your time is taken by books alone. Then one day, sooner or later, you discover a huge vacuum within that you know next to nothing about other art forms. This blog is an attempt to fulfil one such lacunae in the art of painting. We intend to look up a random painting and upload it with a link here every day whilst having our daily cuppa coffee. In this way at least we hope to be better acquainted with colours, colourers and the schools than what we are now.If you wish to be a part, you know where to shout.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Night of the Rich

Night of the Rich, Diego Rivera


Ubermensch said...

Can hear it so well, madly want to be in it ;)

The Kid said...

Not familiar with the mexican style, but I wanted to comment on this picture.

Really beautiful "rich" night, his depiction of the then elite mixture is very insightful.

But the great Rivera does not seem to be great with the human anatomy. (Me thinks me not very humble here)

PS: what does it say in the picture. Does any one know what "Codos cos pesos duros" mean ?

Echo/Lavanya said...

Codos (Lodos) los pesos duros

Rudimentary attempt here:
used this dict:
Codos => elbow
Lodos => mud/slush
los => the
pesos => heft/weight
duro => unkind

I am inclined to translate it as The Dirt of the Rich.

Your takes?

சாத்தான் said...

Excuse me, I'm stealing this pic. It's quite an experience to be here.

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