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If you are a lover of printed words, you would know how much of your time is taken by books alone. Then one day, sooner or later, you discover a huge vacuum within that you know next to nothing about other art forms. This blog is an attempt to fulfil one such lacunae in the art of painting. We intend to look up a random painting and upload it with a link here every day whilst having our daily cuppa coffee. In this way at least we hope to be better acquainted with colours, colourers and the schools than what we are now.If you wish to be a part, you know where to shout.
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Mother Nursing Her Child

Mother Nursing Her Child (Aline [wife] and Pierre [first child]), 1886, Pierre-Auguste Renoir


The years between 1884 and 1887 are known as the "Dry Period" in the artist's life, and most critics at the time thought that he had gone astray.
This crisis, however, was not just an individual matter. It affected not only Renoir, but also Monet, Pissaro and Degas and finally led to a complete collapse of this group of Impressionists
quoted from Peter Feist's Renoir

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The Umbrellas

The Umbrellas, 1883, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir created a number of beautiful examples of the two prototypes of street scenes, i.e. both general impressions of streets and crowds of people randomly hurrying past one another and the same people observed at close quarters. It was the latter type that Renoir sought to capture in the life-size figures of The Umbrellas. He used subtle shades of blue, grey and brown and then added emphasis by means of some brightly glowing colours.
quoted from Renoir by Peter H.Feist

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Le Moulin de la Galette

Le Moulin de la Galette, 1876, Pierre-Auguste Renoir


The above painting is one of the most significant of Renoir. For a better resolution version go here
The Moulin de la Galette is a windmill situated near the top of the district of Montmartre in Paris, France.
In 1870, the owner Charles-Nicolas Debray, added a guinguette with a dancing room, and called it "Moulin de la Galette" in 1895. The "galette", is a small rye bread that Debray millers made and sold with a glass of milk. Now, in French, "galette" is the name of cake. In 1830, they replaced milk with wine (especially the local Montmartre wine) and the windmill by a cabaret.

The atmosphere was relaxed and customers more popular than in other establishments such as "Moulin Rouge". People came to "Moulin de la Galette" for enjoying and dancing.

quoted from Moulin de la Galette

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The Theatre Box

The Theatre Box, 1874, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Notes: The man in this painting is Renoir's brother, Edmond

PS: I typed out La Loge in the title and then realized I'd done the translated titles for the rest. Somehow I always wonder about the validity of translating titles - don't have an answer though

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Lise, 1867, Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Renoir's first masterpiece was his Lise of 1867, which was exhibited at the Salon the following spring. It was a full-length life-size portrait of his young girl-friend Lise - something which was normally only used for royalty.
quoted from RENOIR by Peter H.Feist

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